Haste – Episode 8: Masks, DDI Report Card, Dieties Album Kickstarter

[powerpress]Intro: “Now Get Busy” ~ Beastie Boys
Outro: “Sister Saviour” ~ The Rapture

We have detected the source of our echo problems and they should disappear after this episode, please bear with us in the meantime.


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Masks – 1000 NPCs by Gnome Stew

Recently published “Masks” book of 1,000 ready to use NPC’s  written by the fine folks at Gnome Stew gets some air time as Micah gushes about it being the book he’s always wanted. We were lucky to get a review copy of this book and can confirm it is wholly awesome and mega useful for both inspiration, and whipping up NPC’s on the spot!

DDI Report Card

A user thread in the WotC forums was started by someone “grading” their DDI offerings in a report card style. Many followed suit and the page has gained the attention of some WotC-folk and the thread continues to grow. I give out my own DDI credit card! Listen up!

Deities Album Kickstarter

A musician by the name of Chris Littler has a kickstarter project up to fund an album called “Deities“, a collection of songs inspired by D&D. Micah and I talk D&D music and kickstarter projects in general. Without giving too much away I’ll say it’s very candid.

Twitter Question

@Supersaijinkyle asks: “I’ve had problems with people drinking too much at RPG sessions, at what point do you ban alcohol at games?”

Listen to find out!

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