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Stay tuned to the blog for an upcoming caption contest! Now, on with the show!


Monsters by Email

A really cool service that provides high res artwork of monsters for your game, publishing, and more. It’s fairly cheap and pretty hard to pass up. Check it out!

2013: Year of Shadowrun

With the new year here there sure is a lot to look forward to for Shadowrun fans, despite what you might think based on Micah and I said about the game last episode we are pretty excited to see all of this stuff coming this year. Also, we’re both pretty into games called Crossfire.

New Torment Game Set In Numenera Universe

We discuss the announcement of the upcoming sequel to Planescape: Torment that will be set in Monte Cook’s “Numenera” world, which was a recently funded Kickstarter RPG forthcoming RPG project.

Tip Corner

Use the good stuff! If you’ve got a dragon, or a beholder, or some other big monster or set piece you want to use for your game, just use it! If you wait forever to use it you might never get the chance to!

Twitter Poll

@Dudecool03 asks: when playing in a campaign do you lean towards fighting or solving a confrontation with non violence?

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