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The Kickback Machine

As all of you know, we cover a lot of Kickstarter stuff. Kickstarter might seem like a magic crowd funding bullet that everyone is so eager jump on board with, but what about the ones that fail? If you’re looking to do a kickstarter of your own, or just want to research what might make or not make one, be sure to check out the Kickback Machine.

Multiclassing in D&D Next

Recently Mike Mearls posted a piece about how they are exploring multiclassing in D&D Next, it’s obviously a big deal to a lot of folks – the comments are 46 pages long. Micah and I weigh in (and argue with each other) on the topic, what’s your stance?

Sipstarter Charity Fund Drive (Idea)

We’ve been thinking about our own fundraiser here at Obsidian Portal, but we’re not selling widgets – we want to help provide clean drinking water to those who need it. Micah and I have been throwing around ideas for a while, we’d appreciate yours as well in this endeavor. Tell us what you think!

Tip Corner

Make a TODO list at the bottom of your adventure log post for the night. Keep a running list as you’re playing of things that you want to table but look into later. If you make it public on your wiki, your players will hold you to it too!

Twitter Poll

@JssSandals asks: The DM has an NPC accompanying the party. What are interesting ways for that character to be there without the DM rolling dice against himself all night?

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