Haste! Odyssey, Hit Points In D&DNext, Free Gaming Book, and More!

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Shout out to DM Chris from his friend Ben Kramer (@BenKramer) for successfully running a year long campaign and bringing it to conclusion. That’s a hard thing to do!


OdysseyGnome Stew’s Odyssey on Pre-Order

You can begin pre-ordering the new how to manage a campaign book from Gnome Stew! This feels like a great resources to all kinds of GMs. Is it worth $25 though? Listen to find out.

D&DNext Hit Points Discussion

In a recent Legends & Lore article, Mike Mearls discusses what HP means in D&D and how they fluctuate depending on the overall purpose and feel of your game and its genre. Micah and I discuss HP and our feelings on Next so far.

Sly Flourish Giving Away Running Epic Tier Games Book for Free

Mike Shea is letting the whole world read his helpful 4th edition guide to running epic tier games for free. Of course you don’t get Jared Von Hindman’s wacky artwork to go with it, but we think this is a really cool idea, as well as a great resource for those who are running (or wanting to run) epic tier D&D 4e games.

Tip Corner

Take a page out of George RR Martin’s book, and kill off one of your unkillable NPCs. If you’ve seen the jaw-dropping response to the latest episode of Game of Thrones, you’ll know how powerful a move like that can be!

Twitter Poll

@SVDPress asks: How do you rekindle the passion for gaming after literally years of barely/not playing?

Listen to find out!

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