Haste Podcast! Pathfinder Online Kickstarter, Gygax Magazine, Stan! Leaves WotC, and Elf Hate.

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None! Time for topics!


Pathfinder Online Kickstarter, Take 2

There is yet another Kickstarter up to fund more of the Pathfinder Online MMO that is coming from Paizo/Goblinworks. The previous Kickstarter was to fund a tech demo and this one is for the actual game. Micah and I talk extensively about it and I try and explain my apprehensiveness to the best of my ability.

Gygax Magazine

A newly announced magazine that is already mired in drama called “Gygax Magazine” has been quite the topic of discussion on the internet lately. We’ve obtained some info from Jayson Elliot’s (one of the people behind Gygax Magazine) podcast regarding what the magazine will be about as well as when we should expect it and a bunch more. There’s a lot of speculation at this point but we’ll know more soon!

Stan! Leaves WotC

In a very candid series of blog posts, the multifaceted nerd that Stan! is has detailed his decision to leave Wizards of the Coast, mainly for creative reasons. Much of this sounds akin to what happened a few months ago with Monte Cook leaving  WotC and the D&DNext design team. Be sure to all three parts of his blog post and give us your two cents on the whole situation if you feel so inclined.

Tip Corner

Quick tip! At the start of next session, make sure everyone has everyone else’s cell phone number. No sense in playing Chinese telephone with your group, have everyone’s contact info from day 1!

Twitter Poll

Brian Patterson / (@d20monkey) asks – One of the iconic core races is removed from D&D forever. Which is it and why?

Listen to find out!

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