Haste! Ultimate RPG Playlist, Kickstarter Details, and Micah Plays AN Elf In Shadowrun!

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This week we’re happy to finally have an announcement, and it’s a big one! We’re preparing to launch a Kickstarter! There were some details posted on the blog prior to this show but we’re talking about it as our third topic today so stay tuned for details.


Ultimate RPG Playlist

Over on Reddit, someone has posted an amazingly big and comprehensive playlist of music for use in your games. Nearly everything imaginable is covered, hand picked, and sorted into playlists by genre, mood, and more. Definitely check this out and bookmark it. Also here’s the link to that bluetooth music cube we mentioned.

Micah’s Shadowrun First Impressions ( and he’s playing an elf!)

After lots of jokes about Shadworun and hating on elves, Micah has decided to get into a game of Shadowrun, playing an elf! Not exactly industry news but we figured our listeners might get a kick out of his first impressions of the game.

Kickstarter Details

With last week’s announcement about our upcoming Kickstarter we decided to shed a little more light on the project. Micah discusses the project and I chime in when necessary  What do you guys think? Are you excited?

Tip Corner

No tip this episode, we talked too much!

Twitter Poll

@Angille asks: You’ve both talked about how your game groups are pretty well divorced from online gaming culture. How realistic do you think the online community’s expectations/conceptions are of the “average” group that plays w/o outside influence?

Listen to find out!

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