Haste Podcast: WotC’s Layoffs, Paizo’s RPG Superstar & RPG Fact Sheets

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Wizards of the Coast Layoffs

Recently Rich Baker and Steve Winter were let go from Wizards of the Coast, both of them having been with the company since the TSR days. A thread at ENWorld is attempting to track who is currently still on staff at WotC. This seems like an almost systematic occurrence every year at WotC, Micah and I speculate and give well wishes to the recently departed. Also, on a related note Stephen Radney McFarland has wrote his final ‘Save My Game’ column for WotC as well. It seems more big changes are coming to D&D, perhaps we’ll find out more at DDXP this year – Jerry will be there with coverage!

Paizo’s RPG Superstar

The Paizo RPG Superstar contest for 2011 have started, and its a really cool way to usher in new blood to the tabletop world. The contest starts with a basic entry of “create a wondrous item” and from there 32 winners will be chosen to go on to various other challenges until only one remains! It seems like a good way to get your foot in the door of the RPG design industry, check it out!

The Escapist’s RPG Info Sheets

The Escapist has some pretty cool fact sheets for RPG’s covering topics from the occult stigma, stereotypes, and what playing tabletop role playing games is actually like and how they originated. There are two pieces: The RPG Fact Checker, and The 5 W’s of RPG’s. Check them out, they may not be of practical use for some, but I sure wish I had them when I was 15 and being accused of summoning the Beelzebubs in my bedroom.

Tip Corner

Did you know you can edit map markers once they are placed? Need to add something to one like an adventure log or other links, change colors? You can do it easily by just clicking the pin and hitting the edit icon. The map features have greatly improved so if you haven’t used them a while, definitely check them out now!

Twitter Question

@Raddu76 asks:What needs to change to play D&D without a gridded map? I want to use terrain, like warhammer 40k, or other tabletop minis

Listen to find out!

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