Haste! Red Aegis, ENnies Expose, Shadowrun and more!

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The Excellence In Innovation Award finalists are up, check them out! Now, onto the show!


Red AegisRed Aegis

Red Aegis is an age-spanning RPG currently being Kickstarted that you should check out. You’ll control an entire house/clan/dynasty and take them through the ages in a finite-sessioned RPG experience with rotating GMs. Lots of talented folks are part of this project, check it out!

ENnies Expose

An expose piece over at The Iron Tavern reveals what it is/was like to be an ENnies judge, and has sparked a lot of discussion amongst the RPG industry. Micah and I weigh in on some aspects of the article, be sure to read it and give us your two cents too.

Update: Hans Cummings, ENnie Awards Submission Coordinator & Publisher relations, responds to Chris Gath’s assertions in the comments. In particular, he points out a few things:

  • The expose author is a former judge who has had no relation to the ENnies since 2009.
  • Judges discussions are private, but there is more to the Edge of the Empire debate than is revealed in the expose.
  • Steve Jackson Games won 3 ENnies in 2012. Perhaps they are not as anti-ENnies as the expose makes them out to be.

Read Hans’s comment to get the full story, and thanks Hans for providing more information.

Shadowrun 5e & Video Game

5th edition Shadowrun is out and available for consumption, as is Shadowrun Returns, the new video game from the Shadowrun franchise. Go out and grab this stuff if you haven’t already, let us know your thoughts too!

Tip Corner

EIIA Finalist Showcase – Adventure-A-Week


Brian White via Facebook (Jerry)

Given my schedule as a student, summer campaigns have become the norm for me. If you had the span of a summer break to run a campaign, what would you do to keep it from being three months of raiding a couple of wimpy kobold camps? In other words, how would you make such a short campaign epic in its own right?

Listen to find out!

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  1. OK, first, who I am. @JediSoth on Twitter, I am the ENnie Award Submissions Coordinator & Publisher Relations.

    Chris Gath is a former judge who no longer has any affiliation with the ENnie Awards. Most of his accusations (particularly in regards to Star Wars: Edge of the Empire) were made with incomplete, out-of-context information. The fact of the matter is, one judge didn’t like the dice. He also said that if all the other judges wanted to nominate the game, he WOULD NOT fight it. All of the judges had issues with the game, in one facet or another, which they did not have with the products that were nominated. The allegation that one judge blocked a worth nomination because of a dice hang up is FALSE.

    Judges discussions are not public, and never have been. When we’ve offered seminars at Gen Con for people to come pick the judges’ brains and ask “Why was this nominated? Why wasn’t this? What’s your process?”, no one shows up. As far as companies refusing to submit, Steve Jackson Games, in particular, in the past has not participated. Last year, the entered, were nominated and won several awards. We (mostly me, since I am Submissions Coordinator) reach out to as many companies as we can. If a company choose not to participate, all we can do is ask that they reconsider. If they won’t have a conversation with us, there’s really nothing we can do. There’s probably companies that fall between the cracks, but I do make an effort to contact people and let them know about the awards and what the deadlines are. I do not keep myself hidden away behind a brick wall. My twitter profile clearly states I am affiliate with the ENnie Awards, my e-mail address is on the ENnie Awards website, and my personal e-mail address is no secret.

    Chris Gath’s opinions about podcasts and blogs are just that, one person’s (who again, is no currently affiliated with the ENnie Awards) opinion. They do not represent the opinion of the ENnie Awards. In fact, we recognize that podcasts, blogs, and websites are valued resources and an important part of the RPG industry. If the judges don’t like listening to podcasts, frankly, tough. It’s their job to listen to/read everything that is submitted. Their job is to separate the wheat from the chaff. There are going to be products that aren’t good. The Judges don’t get to choose what is submitted. If it was their choice, they would be consumers, just like the rest of us.

    We’ve tried to make a strong effort over that last couple of years to be more transparent and open. I have stated (whether or not anyone actually saw my statements on Google+ or Twitter is another matter) several time I am open to discussing the ENnie Awards process at any time. I’m not going to reveal contents of private discussions, but I will answer any questions anyone has to the best of my ability. Every year we struggle to find volunteers to help us, either with mundane aspects like running the booth, or getting a large sampling of judges from which to choose (there was only one woman who submitted an application for the current election), yet there is no shortage of people who seem to know better than we do what we should be doing. I challenge them to step-up. Offer your expertise. Offer suggestions. We’re not here to shut people out or shut people up. We want to showcase the best products the industry has to offer and show as many people as we can what a great hobby we’re involved in.

    If anyone wants to have a conversation with me about the ENnies, you can e-mail me at [email protected] (this will get you the quickest response), or contact me through the ENnie Awards website ([email protected]), or contact me through Twitter (@JediSoth) or Google+ ([email protected] — I would prefer NOT to receive ENnies-related e-mails at that address, though).

    • Hans – Thanks for the detailed and informed reply. I’ve updated the article above with some of the information you provided along with a link to your comment.

      I hope we didn’t come off as anti-ENnies. We’ve been very honored in the past to be nominees and winners, and we have a lot of respect for the judges. We should have done a better job of making it clear in the podcast that the blog post really only presents one side and a story always has more sides than that.

      Thanks again for presenting the other side!

      • Not at all. I know you guys are big supports of the Awards and we do appreciate it. Thanks for letting me make the clarifications.

  2. I also feel compelled to point out that the author of the ENnies Expose over at Iron Tavern has not been involved in the ENnie Awards in any way since 2009. So, there’s that.

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