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The Excellence In Innovation Award finalists are up, check them out! Now, onto the show!


Red AegisRed Aegis

Red Aegis is an age-spanning RPG currently being Kickstarted that you should check out. You’ll control an entire house/clan/dynasty and take them through the ages in a finite-sessioned RPG experience with rotating GMs. Lots of talented folks are part of this project, check it out!

ENnies Expose

An expose piece over at The Iron Tavern reveals what it is/was like to be an ENnies judge, and has sparked a lot of discussion amongst the RPG industry. Micah and I weigh in on some aspects of the article, be sure to read it and give us your two cents too.

Update: Hans Cummings, ENnie Awards Submission Coordinator & Publisher relations, responds to Chris Gath’s assertions in the comments. In particular, he points out a few things:

  • The expose author is a former judge who has had no relation to the ENnies since 2009.
  • Judges discussions are private, but there is more to the Edge of the Empire debate than is revealed in the expose.
  • Steve Jackson Games won 3 ENnies in 2012. Perhaps they are not as anti-ENnies as the expose makes them out to be.

Read Hans’s comment to get the full story, and thanks Hans for providing more information.

Shadowrun 5e & Video Game

5th edition Shadowrun is out and available for consumption, as is Shadowrun Returns, the new video game from the Shadowrun franchise. Go out and grab this stuff if you haven’t already, let us know your thoughts too!

Tip Corner

EIIA Finalist Showcase – Adventure-A-Week


Brian White via Facebook (Jerry)

Given my schedule as a student, summer campaigns have become the norm for me. If you had the span of a summer break to run a campaign, what would you do to keep it from being three months of raiding a couple of wimpy kobold camps? In other words, how would you make such a short campaign epic in its own right?

Listen to find out!

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