Haste! Sticking with Stereotypes, PC Wealth:Creativity Ratio, and Hero Machine!

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Our Birthday contest is over, check back during the next episode for our winners! Also, we’ve got a new caption comic up so be sure to check it out!

Lastly, if we had a voicemail box for you to submit questions to the show would you put it to use? We’d like to have some user questions actually on-air, so let us know what you think. Now, on with the show!


Storm Trooper Wizard Extraordinare!

Hero Machine!

While exploring our options for character portrait generation recently, we stumbled upon Hero Machine. It has been around for a while but it serves its purpose quite well, and it also can make for hours of laughter when pressing the “randomize all” option. You should probably check it out.

Does Creativity Rise or Fall as PC Wealth Increases?

Do poor characters get more creative because they’re forced to make do with less? Or do wealthier characters have the resources to be truly more creative than others? We debate after seeing a thread on reddit discussing the topic, we’d like you to weigh in too!

Sticking with Stereotypes

We normally highlight Gnome Stew articles because they are spot on and we mostly agree, however this evening we re-visit some thoughts on breaking tropes and how stereotypes really aren’t all that bad as we explore a blog post on avoiding the familiar.  What do you guys think?


@Clampcontroller asks: Do you do anything in between sessions to keep players engaged in the story/world/their PC’s?

Tune in to find out! 

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