Haste! Tabletop Day, Pathfinder Card Game, GM’s Day!

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This week we’re joined by Shane Tyree, lead artist for Albino Dragon Games! No big announcements this week but stay tuned and we’ll have some soon!



Tabletop Day

Thanks to Geek & Sundry’s successful web series “Tabletop” with Wil Wheaton, we’ve got yet another excuse to spread gaming far and wide with the newly created Tabletop Day! Be sure to celebrate and try and get into some gaming with friends, and most importantly get some new blood in there too! Be sure to hashtag your exploits with #TableTopDay and share them with the internet!

Pathfinder Card Game

Paizo has announced yet another game under the Pathfinder umberella, as an Adventure Card Game. We’re not entirely sure what an adventure card game is but we’re pretty excited to find out. Do you know? Let us know!

GM’s Day

Monday, March 4th is international GM’s Day! Be sure to participate in whatever way you can and let your GM know that they are appreciated! Do they want fancy dice? Probably not, at least that’s not what Micah and I want. Also be sure to check the big sale going on at DriveThruRPG for GMs Day before it’s too late!

Tip Corner

Don’t stall. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a lot of stuff planned for the game, don’t stall and hem and haw before starting your game. Better to finish early and move on than drag it out and then potentially find that you have more prepared than you thought.

Twitter Poll

@Hzurr asks: In my long-running 4e campaign, one of the PCs central to the plot has dropped. How do I re-orient plot after 3 yrs/21 lvls?

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