Haste! w/ guest Highcove: DM’ing with Charisma, Resurrecting Old Campaigns, and More!

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Tonight we’re joined by Kickstarter backer Highcove, he’s here to talk with us about his blog DM’ing With Charisma, and I Podcast Magic Missle, as well as all things gaming so tune in!

Also, a very special shout out and get well to our friend Brian Patterson, aka @d20Monkey who has recently hurt his knee pretty badly and is laid up. If you’ve never read d20Monkey now is the time to catch up while Brian recuperates, and be sure to send him some well wishes while you’re at it. Get well soon Brian!


The Joy of Withholding

Again this week we talk about another blog post from Rob Schwalb entitled The Joy Of Withholding about the level of descriptive-ness in your GM’ing speech. How much is too much? Too little? We debate!

DM’ing with Charisma

Highcove talks with us about differing DM types, including those who use CHA as their primary stat. What kind of DM are you?

Dusing Off An Old Gem

Last but not least, Phil over at Gnome Stew has written up another great piece, this time on dusting off an old campaign. According to him there are several ways to do it, what are your thoughts?

Tip Corner

None tonight, for the sake of brevity, we already know we’re over our time limit!


@SharnDM asks: My group is in a funk. New systems, old systems, nothing holds the interest. One guy doesn’t even talk when we play! What tricks have you all used to bring back interest in tabletop gaming? As a side note we’ve gamed together for over a decade, it wasn’t always like this.

Listen to find out!

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