Reforged! What’s Next?!

Hello Portallers!

We know it’s been a while since we’ve had an update blog post so I think it’s about time we come up for some air and talk about the new hotness of Obsidian Portal and things to come. As you all know, on October 28th of this year we unveiled the newly reforged Obsidian Portal and have been working on further improving it ever since. We’ve gathered a lot of feedback from everyone and we’re happy to be such a big part of so many people’s gaming lives!

We’re honored to be part of such a huge gaming community that spans everything from play-by-post games, to die hard campaigns that have been running for decades, to campaigns dedicated to things like stock NPCs and music for your games. Obsidian Portal is truly what everyone makes of it and there are so many of you out there who really make OP what it is today and we can’t thank you all enough.

The Road Ahead

So, the site is up and humming right a long, our small but fierce development team has been cranking out optimizations and bug fixes both behind and in front of the curtain for over a month now and we’re very confident that we’re putting our best foot forward with the site. Sure there were some hiccups and unexpected bugs and missteps but overall things are looking great. The new version of the site provides a lot of customization options, faster navigation, excellent use of tags, and it also looks great on mobile devices!

Speaking of great features, let’s not forget that we have Natural Editing, a File Locker, and the name generator all coming down the pipe too. We’ve also got some great features that have come up since the reforging that weren’t even covered in the Kickstarter, like adding new sets of map markers and more backgrounds both for free and subscribed users. In the coming months you’re going to be seeing some very cool goodies trickle into the site that we hope you’re going to love.

Stay Tuned

Haste!Keep yourself dialed in to all things Obsidian Portal by making sure you’re following us on twitter and are a fan of us on facebook, and also make sure to listen to our Haste, our official podcast. Also regularly checking the blog and forum for updates from the team. We’ve also got a new team member on board to help out with taking in support tickets and helping us identify bugs while I get to re-focus on building our community, advising on the development of the site, catching up on contests old and new, and even some top-secret stuff coming up!

Hope everyone out there is ready to hunker down for a long winter of gaming goodness! Until next time, game on!

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