Haste! w/ guest host Shane Tyree. The Writhing Dark, Dungeon White Space, D&D Rules Elegance, and more!

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Tonight we’re joined by Shane Tyree to talk to him about his Kickstarter, The Writhing Dark. Jump in and join us as we discuss Cthulhu, Dungeon White Space, and “that thing Mike Mearls said this week”. We have no formal announcements this week, so on with the show!


The Writing Dark - Shane TyreeThe Writhing Dark

Art Wizard Shane Tyree join us tonight to talk about his great Kickstarter, The Writhing Dark. A Big beautiful Cthuhlu themed tarot deck, playing cards, and a bunch more cool stuff, definitely a must-see for any discerning gamer, or Lovecraft fan. There’s a lot of dynamic stuff going on within it as well, it’s not like any Kickstarter we’ve ever seen!

Elegance in D&D Rules

Recently Mike Mearls posted a Legends & Lore talking about the elegance of rules in D&D. When to pare them down to a single, simple mechanic or when to cut them out entirely. There’s a lot to discuss here, be sure to tune in and tell us what side of the fence you lie on.

Dungeon White Space

A great blog article by Rob Schwalb about getting to the core of the ‘good stuff’ in your games and cutting out all of the white space (hallways, empty rooms, boring crap no one cares about) gets our attention this week. It’s a great read and we discuss the concept of dungeon design white space as well as a few other aspects of game mastering.

Tip Corner

Check the “last login at” time on the OP dashboard. If they haven’t logged in for several days (or weeks), ask what’s keeping them away. Why aren’t they checking in? Use this to help motivate your players and find out what they


@Dulenheim asks: I’m running a pathfinder game and I’m trying to make Armor as Damage reduction work, have you guys tried this, or have tips?

Listen to find out!

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