Haste! No Evil Options in D&DNext PHB, Playsets, Plot, and more!

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We’re back, sorry for podfading! We’ve got a regular recording schedule now so rest assured you’ll be hearing from us on the weekly again. There’s still some time to caption the d20Monkey comic too, so get to it before it’s too late! Now, on with the show!


Because Plot is Not Enough

Another great article on Gnomestew about how plot is not good enough reason, and how if you railroad your characters into your plotlines you’re just going to make a mess of things for everyone. While not exactly a fresh topic, the article here has a really good take on how to approach these things and makes some good comparisons, although Micah still disagrees with one of them.


A recently funded Kickstarter for a new kind of virtual tabletop app called Playsets has us talking. It’s a really slick looking app but we’re a little confused on the message it sends, regardless we’re pretty excited about it. Let us know what you think!

No Evil Character Options in D&DNext PHB

While we’re not typically ones to report news based on tweets from people, it’s a pretty significant bit of info for the D&D world that Mike Mearls revealed earlier last week that the 5e PHB will not have options for PCs of evil alignment, or options like the antipaladin and that these things will be in the DMG. Micah and I discuss why were are fully in favor of this. Tell us what you think!

Tip Corner

Use the top search bar, luke! The search bar at the top is incredibly powerful now, allowing you to insta-jump to characters, wiki pages, and all kinds of stuff just by typing part of a name or tag. If you’re not using it, you’re probably clicking too much to get where you need to be!


Scott Hardy‏ (@Gamesdisk) asks: How to deal with people not marking off items on their sheets after they use em?

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