Haste! What Movie Is Your Game?

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Die HardWhat Movie Is Your Game?

A recent discussion came up that prompts us to ask you, what movie is your game like? We don’t necessarily mean plot as much as we mean the overall ethos of the game itself. Micah and I give some examples and want to know what movie/show your game is.

Pay What You Want…Forever?

Recently Troll In the Corner tried going “pay what you want” for all of its materials and has decided to keep it that way. Micah and I discuss the premise a bit and wonder if it will work in the long run? Gives us your two cents!

Planning Your Game

Once again, a great article from Gnome Stew on prepping for your games. How to do it better and certain pitfalls many GMs fall into when prepping. Heed their advice and be sure to tell us all of your faux-pas in game prep, as well as you best tips too!

Tip Corner

Debating starting up a new ongoing campaign and can’t decide which genre/system to pick? Run some trial one shots with your group to figure out what to jump into for the long haul!

Twitter Poll

@Photostyle asks: Any advice on how to develop spontaneity for GMs who aren’t good at on-the-fly GMing?

Listen to find out!

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