Haste! W/ guest host freelance writer Steve Townshend: Ultimate Campaign, Steamscapes, 13th Age Bestiary, Improving Adventure Modules and more!

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Tonight we’re joined by Freelance Writer Steve Townshend to talk to him about all of his recent projects – including Pathfinder Ultimate Campaign, Steamscapes, 13th Age Bestiary, and Owlbear Run. Also, one of our fellow portallers has released a book that was created from a world he started right here on Obsidian Portal! So be sure to check out G. Derek Adams’s Spell/Sword!

Today’s episode is slightly longer than normal (40 min) and I apologize for going over our usual length.


Steve Townshend

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Ultimate Campaign, Steamscapes, 13th Age Bestiary

Steve and I discuss his recent writing projects and what they are all about, they include the Pathfinder Ultimate Campaign book, Steamscapes for Savage Worlds, and the upcoming 13th Age Bestiary. We also talk about his most recent D&D adventure “Owlbear Run“, which sounds like it’s quite a blast. All of these things have one thing in common too – lots of focus on roleplaying!

How Can We Make Published Adventures More Readable?

Our second topic is one relating to a blog post that’s yet to be published but I figured it would be a good topic to discuss with someone who writes them for a living. Steve and I discuss the flow of information in published adventures and how we could possibly improve them. Have you got any suggestions or great examples? Tell us!

Tip Corner

Steve gives us a great tip about how to run combat using theater of the mind successfully, in hopes of avoiding all those debates of “no I was standing over there!” when minis aren’t being used at the table.

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