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The Melting Pot

Obsidian Portal is what we make of it, the entire site itself is an ever growing and strengthening mass of awesome contributions and gaming greatness – created by all of us and I’m especially honored to be part of the team pushing it all forward.

I’d really like to chip in a bit of my own flavor to some of our weekly activities, so I think it’s about time I added a little bit of my own spice to this Obsidian Portal grog we knock back each day.

Dan has left us with “Obsidian Portal wants to know” and quite few other great little bits I’m trying my best to dutifully uphold. However I’d like to put a little piece of myself into the mix, and so I’m bringing to you the aptly named “Tip Tuesday”!

Why Tuesday?

Mainly because it has a ring to it…okay entirely because it has a ring to it. Each Tuesday on our Facebook Page I’ll be posting a question to all of our OP fans who inhabit that book of faces.

The questions may range from “What’s the best way to handle X as a game master” or “How do you get your players to….” to “What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever had one of your PC’s come up with while attempting to solve a puzzle”

Afterward I’ll go out and pick the best one and that person will get a free month of Ascendant time and a spotlight in a quarterly blog post containing all of the best tips! Upon notification of winning, be ready to provide me with your OP username via email and we’ll get your free month set up asap!

(Note: You cannot win more than once a month, no matter how awesome your tip(s) may be!)

Why Facebook?

Now I know some of you are wondering why facebook? Why not the blog, or twitter? The answer is simple – keeping track of these things on facebook is a lot easier to manage. There’s no sea of replies or hashtags to sift through, and no need to approve every comment that comes through the blog. We know everyone doesn’t have facebook but hey, thats the way the obelisk crumbles!

Looking forward to reading everyones wise words and giving away some free Ascendant, 52 times a year!

Award Winning!

Gold ENnie for Best Website 09'-11'

Silver ENnie for Best Website, Best Podcast 2012-2013
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