New System Thursday, 2/25/2010

It’s New System Thursday! We take some time each Thursday to add a new system to our list of over 130 supported table-top RPG systems and settings. Today’s system is 3:16 Carnage Amongst The Stars by UK RPG demigod, Gregor Hutton.

In space, you murder a lot of aliens.

Is 3:16 a perfect game? Well, no, as it’s not got….. ummmm…… then there’s…… errrrrr…….. OK, I’ll admit it; I can’t think of a damned thing to add or take away from 3:16 that would make it a better game. So I guess it must be perfect after all.

3:16 is a stupidly simple beer-and-pretzels game and a deeply complex moralistic one, all at the same time. The players’ characters are members of the elite 3:16th Expeditionary Force who’s task it is to rid the universe of alien scum to keep the Utopian Earth a safe and wholesome place to be. It’s Starship Troopers, Those Guys from Alien II and every dumb Space Marine movie all rolled into one. Add in rules which perfectly fit the tone and setting, the utterly brilliant Flashbacks concept, the promise of Starkiller missiles and the lightest touch of moral decay and you’ve got a system that everyone should be legally mandated to play at least once in their life.


If you haven’t it yet you can buy a PDF of the rule book here. Then, Make a 3:16 Carnage Amongst The Stars campaign now!

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