New System Thursday: Sorcerer, Hot War & Cold City!

What would a Thursday be without adding a few new systems into the repository!? Today we’ve got Sorcerer by Adept Press being added into the mix as well as two games from Contested Ground Studios; Hot War and Cold City. Now available for your Obsidian Portal campaign running pleasure!

Sorcerer is a game that focuses on a world of demons and magic where the moral choices weigh heavily on the game. The thirst for knowledge and how far one would go to seize their innermost desires is the primary focus, what would you do to get what you want? Check out the game wiki for more details.

Cold City is set 5 years after world war 2 where you play supernatural investigators in an alternate history Cold War Berlin. The game is an awesome mix of something like Dresden Files modern fantasy along with a unique interparty trust (or lack thereof) dynamic.

Hot War, also made by the folks at Contested Ground Studios is an Ennie 09′ nominated (Best Writing, Best Setting) RPG set in an alternate history,horror filled, post apocalyptic London. The focus on party dynamics is also strong here with the game’s tagline being: “A game of friends, enemies, secrets and consequences in the aftermath.”

Have a suggestion for a system you’d like to see us add? Let me know! [email protected]

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