New System Thursday: SHARD RPG

Today is Thursday, and what a Thursday is it? This Thursday is New System Thursday, like all the ones before it! We’re adding a new system to our list of over 150 RPG supported systems and settings, and this one is unlike anything you’ve played so far. It’s time to bust out the cat ears, wolf shirts, and that one set of dice with the lizards on them, cause this week we’re adding SHARD!

SHARD is an exciting new game of heroic fantasy and adventure set in the realm of Dardunah, World of the False Dawn, a unique fantasy campaign setting. You won’t find the standard fare in these pages; there are no elves, trolls, dwarves, knights, or even dragons. Indeed, the campaign world is quite a deviation from most European fantasy settigns.

Dardunah’s time period is not strictly medieval, the setting drawing its flavor from eastern rather than wester cultures. Nor is it set on an alternate version of Earth. In fct, there are no humans on Dardunah. Players may choose from a wide variety of animal people who are the main cast of the many adventures the world offers.

This world needs heroes, so what are you waiting for? Grab some dice, grab some friends, and make a SHARD rpg campaign now!

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