Q-Workshop contest winners!

Last week, we asked the question: What was your most important dice roll? And you answered! Boy did you answer. Well we had our entrants, and all we needed now was to pick the winners. And pick we did! Lets see what we got here.

Fifth Place: Joshua M.

Congrats Joshua! We felt that you nailed it on the head when you called out that there was something magical about that very first dice roll. I remember mine well!

Joshua, for your effort, you’ll receive a set of promotional dice from Q-Workshop!

Fourth Place: Joseph R.

Thanks for the effort Joseph! Despite the spelling errors, we just couldn’t turn down an entry where the DM wears a hat that says “oh Ya!” on it. How did you know our weakness?!

Joseph, like Joshua, you too will receive a set of promotional dice from Q-Workshop!

Third Place: Erwin A.

In case you can’t see the text it reads:

“That time we fought the gnolls on the hills… Korin (the rogue) and I (the monk) set the tone of the battle right at the start with two natural crits on the gnoll leader, leaving their morale crippled!”

Congrats Erwin! You’re getting a box set of dice, and a set of Q-Workshop promotional dice!

Second Place: Chris H.

Here’s what Chris had to say about his fantastic drawing:

“The story relating to the attached artwork is that I was playing the last session in a two and a half year Star Wars d6 campaign, and myself (a Jedi Knight) and the big bad of the campaign (a Dark Jedi himself) found ourselves charging each other at the sessions end, both hoping to deal a final deadly blow to the other. We were evenly matched when it came to our lightsaber strength, and so it came down to a matter of who rolled the higher initiative.
I rolled a 20 which beat his initiative, and I proceeded to bisect the big bad thus ending the final combat session of the campaign. It was my most important dice roll of all time.”

Chris, for your awesome entry, you’re getting a box of their newest set of dice, and a set of Q-Workshop promotional dice!

First Place: Ben S.

Here it is ladies and gents, our first place entry! It’s a great image, no? Let’s see what Ben had to say about it.

“This is my daughter, Samantha, rolling her 4E DnD daily spell against a DracoLich when her party is down.  Will it succeed?  If it does, will it be enough?  Critical hit, or critical miss?  Who knows what next will come, but this is the big moment.  She chants her haiku mantra:

D20, my friend,
Roll well, I beg, or I’ll find
A luckier one!”

Thanks to all of you who entered! Winners, we’ll be contacting you this weekend with instructions on how to get your prizes! Until then, may all your rolls be unusually excellent!

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