Review: Truly Random, a RPG app for Android

Truly Random: RPG Die Roller

I cannot count the number of times my players have shown up without their dice. I cannot count the number of dice that have been lost over the years. And sometimes, I simply cannot count. What I’d like to share with you today is an app for android users that can alleviate these pains and bring so much more to your gaming table.

With the android market growing in leaps and bounds, it’s inevitable that you find content that can assist you at the table. Truly Random RPG Die Roller released by EC Software Consulting, Inc is proving to be an invaluable asset to my group.

Its ease of use coupled with the ability to generate your own content (including specialized “dice sets”) helps to simplify the tedium of sifting through endless generation tables, rolling character specific abilities that may rarely be used (in my group, trips and charges), and so forth. Let us explore the features tab by tab.


When you first open the app, you’re confronted by a black screen. Bloody swords cross at the bottom right, and above you see several tabs. The first tab called “RPG” displays a simple scrolling interface. The upper scroll lists the number of dice to roll from 1-99. The next scroll lists specific dice, from d2-d100. The final scroll lists modifiers ranging from -99..+99. While this simple interface isn’t stylish, it is effective and versatile.

Now we throw in the ability to recall specific rolls! You can save a specific roll setup for later use i.e. Rapier 1d6+2. Once saved, you can select the roll from a drop-down menu to make it easy to roll your favorite weapon damage every time!


Similar to the above dice roller, except that instead of a scrolling system you can type out the dice notation i.e. 4d6*10+3. There’s another twist here, however. You can create notation groups and save them to recall later. For instance, I created a group that rolls each of my skills simultaneously (1d20+modifier)! No longer do I have search my sheet for the right skill, line up a piece of paper to assure the right modifier, and do all of that pesky addition (yeah, I’m that lazy). On top of this madness, you can import and export these sets and share them with other people who have the program!

RPG Char

This tab helps make rolling initial stats very easy. Six rows hold four 6-sided dice. At the tap of the “Roll” button, all of these die generate a number and totals them to the right. If your GM offers the ability to reroll certain numbers, you can tap the dice you wish to reroll and tap the “Roll Selected” button to do so.


The next tab doesn’t necessarily pertain to roleplaying, but it could come in handy in real life, or even if you run a lottery in-game. The “Lottery” tab contains a drop-down list that will generate numbers for MEGA Millions, Cash 3, and Cash 4 lottery tickets. You can also create your own lottery type and save it for later use (I created one for Powerball for when I feel like wasting $5).


Finally we come to the most useful tab of them all. The “Custom” tab allows you to create your own CUSTOM DICE SETS! This part of the app has a near infinite number of possibilities. If you’re the type of GM who is constantly using random generation charts, you can save these charts within the app and pull them up on a whim.

For instance, I created several dice sets that will randomly select a pick-pocketed item, choose a number of items one may find in a traveling caravan, items you may find on a dead body or stolen bag, and my baby, a tavern generator.

To further illustrate the power of this function, we’ll take a closer look at my tavern generator. At the tap of a button, I can create a robust tavern/inn with the following specs:

• Tavern Name
• Interior
• Menu
• Several alcohol selections including a wine and a fantasy drink that includes a description
• Generic and specific patrons
• An entertainer
• Rooms available for rent including mundane and strange features for a specific room.

Wrap Up

These dice sets can also be imported and exported to share with other people. Other features include the ability to generate dice expressions within a dice face, naming your dice for easy editing, as well as copy saved sets and as something different (good for using the app for multiple characters). Again, the functionality of this app is limitless. Not to mention the developer is quick to respond to ideas, requests, and concerns making the experience of owning this app easily worth the pennies I paid for it.

Thanks for reading and considering this app!





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