Updates to the TOS (seriously…)

GavelI hope everyone enjoyed yesterday’s April Fool’s joke. The lack of response tells me it was either unread or not funny enough, but I’d prefer that to having to backpedal and explain that it was only a joke.

Still, it serves to remind me that I need to update our TOS a little. It’s been unchanged since we first launched, and there’s a good reason for that: we’d rather write code than write legalese. To that end, we just took the WordPress TOS (available under a Creative Commons license) and modified it ever so slightly. The end result was a good looking TOS that cost us no money and only a little bit of time. Thank you WordPress!

Unfortunately, rumors still persist that we’re in the business of quietly collecting all your content with some nefarious future purpose, like selling adventures or rules supplements. This is categorically untrue. Our business model is the same now that it always has been: Be the best campaign management tool there is, and charge subscriptions that people are happy to pay, since the tool is indispensable to their gaming.

So, my plan is to update the TOS with the following preamble. I’m going out on a limb a little and skipping legalese and just going with plain English. I don’t speak legalese, so I’d probably muck it up anyway.

Preamble – Intellectual Property Rights

Since it is by far the number one question regarding this Terms of Service, we would like to immediately address any concerns related to intellectual property rights to the content posted on Obsidian Portal.

We make no claim of ownership over the content you post. You created it, and you retain all rights to it. The only right we reserve is to use your content in order to promote Obsidian Portal. At no point will we publish a book or otherwise sell your content without your permission.

We can’t say it strongly enough: It’s your content. You own it.

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