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We just held a contest where folks could enter Stats, Art, Background, and more for SquidGirl, the enigmatic cover girl from the upcoming Gamma World RPG. See, we thought that picking a winner would be easy, right?


It turns out, there’s a squidload of talent to be found in our forums. So now we need your help. Again. We need YOU to choose our grandprize winner from the 6 finalists below! Who’s it going to be? Who’s going to win the 100 dollar Amazon gift card?! Let’s meet our contestants:

Duskreign’s The SquidGirl

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WesleyKinsmanHall’s Improved Employment

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Erwin’s Squidonna with Child

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Duskreign’s Hit Single Ain’t No Time (for a Squidgirl)

Click to play: Squidgirl – Ain’t No Time (for a Squidgirl)

AnimaUmbrae’s SquidGirl’s Facebook Page

Squidgirl on Facebook

Click to visit Squidgirl on Facebook

JonathonVolkmer’s Shakespear’s SquidGirl Caeser

Squidgirl, written by Shakespeare for performance as a grammar school play when he was still a boy, has long been thought lost to the modern world. However, after long searching, I have come into ownership of a partial manuscript of the play. Judging from the following excerpts it would seem that the Bard based one of his later plays on this, his first great tale.

Excerpts from the final scene of “SQUIDGIRL,” one of Shakespeare’s lost plays:

From ACT 1, SCENE 2:

I shall remember:
When Squidgirl says “Do this,” it is perform’d.

Set on; and leave no ceremony out.


Read the full entry (it’s hilarious)

Time to Vote

Ok, those are our top 6. Now we need your help. (You can vote from this link if the voting doesn’t appear below.)

Voting Closed!

We’ll be announcing a winner and awarding prizes in the next couple days. Stay tuned!

Award Winning!

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