Haste – Episode 2: Daggerdale, RPGBA, Gamer Parents and more!

Intro: “Mombasa” ~ Hans Zimmer
Outro: “Ready to Roll” ~ Flashlight Brown

OP Newsbite: There’s a good chance that Dave Chalker (critical-hits.com) will be joining our Wiki panel at GenCon this year as long as his schedule allows, so be sure to pester him about it and tell him his schedule is open!

UPDATE: Dave has confirmed that he will be attending our panel! He will be speaking alongside us and taking questions from the audience as well. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!


Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale

The new (and first) 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons video game “Daggerdale” has been getting a lot of Lukewarm reviews, I give my thoughts and we openly discuss the tabletop-to-videogame conversion idea as a whole.

The RPG Bloggers Alliance

Popular RPG blog Stargazer’s World has recently announced the formation of a new community entitled the RPG Bloggers Alliance (RPGBA). Keep in mind this is not to be confused with the RPGBN, which for lack of better words has seemed to diminish in activity/engagement in the past few years. Micah and I discuss what this may or may not mean for the RPG blogger community with our hopes held high.

Dungeon Moms & Dads

It seems like playing RPGs with kids is always a hot topic. Whether it’s a heated debate or light hearted chatter, we discuss the ladder of the two with a recent article on Boing Boing entitled “Tips for Dungeonmaster Mommies & Daddies” as our jumping off point. We go on to discuss personal strategies, experiences and give some tips. We also touch on video games influencing the imaginations of young ones as well as a pretty spot on ice cream analogy from Micah. Yes you read that correctly – ice cream, it makes perfect sense.

Twitter Question

@Starmitehokie asks: “What are some creative ways you’ve had your adventurer’s meet each other?”

Listen to to find out!


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  1. Another great podcast! I did notice a bit of flange-like echo here and there, but didn’t hear the pesky hiss as much. I found it hilarious that during the segment on Dungeon Moms & Dads (about 14:38) to hear a kid screaming. 😉 At least I think that’s what I’m hearing. I do have a question though… Do you all have any plans (or given any thought) to doing a special @GenCon episode of Haste?

    • Hah! Yes that was definitely one of my kids screaming in the background and yeah we’re definitely thinking of doing a special edition haste “Live from GenCon” episode! Realized the echo was caused from me having one of my headphones off (and turned up rather loud) due to the extreme heat that day, mic must have picked up some of it. Whoops! Thanks again for listening!

      • You know one of the comments made was a question of overlap. You know what I found? We actually have quite a few blogs that the RPGBN doesn’t have. While there are some that are members of both. We also collected quite a few blogs that are not the RPGBN. So while there is some overlap, each of our respective feeds looks very different from each other.

  2. Cool podcast, thanks. It cut out for me before the end, but I heard up to the end of the “Gaming with Kids” section, which I thought was pretty good.

  3. Is the use of Mombasa in your intro ‘podsafe’? I’ve not hosted a podcast for sometime, so I wasn’t sure of the legalities. Just trying to keep ya guys outta trouble. Granted, you aren’t playing more than 20-30 seconds of the track, and you are talking over it. Could be a non-issue, but was curious as to your thoughts on it. Not a bad show, especially this early on. Will continue to listen.

    • Unsure actually, we thought it would be safe given the ~10 second and talking over circumstances but thanks for looking out for us, glad to hear you’re enjoying the podcast!