Gencon 2011 Events

We’re going to be running a few panels this year at GenCon. We’ll be adding more information here as we get it, so please check back often. Make sure to get your tickets so you can come join us!

Wiki! The Key to Managing Your Campaign and Building Your World

SEM1120444 – Friday, Aug 5, 2:00pm (click to grab a seat)

If you’ve heard of “wikis” or “campaign websites” or “online tools” and you’re wondering what all the hubub is about, come get an introduction on how to manage your campaign online. Join us alongside Dave Chalker (aka @DaveTheGame) from critical-hits.com as we cover how to get started as well as giving our best tips on how to keep your campaign organized and easy to manage – so youcan get back to gaming!

Wiki! The Key to Managing Your Campaign – GenCon 2011 from Obsidian Portal on Vimeo.

How Technology is Changing RPGs

SEM1120445 – Saturday, Aug 6 2:00pm (click to grab a seat)

The future has arrived, but rather than being jetpacks and food paste, we’ve got the Internet and PDF publishing. But what does it all mean for RPGs? What role will virtual tabletops play? What about Twitter and Facebook? Wikis? Tablet PCs? Come discuss the future of our favorite hobby with many of the people blazing the trail.

GenCon 2011 – How Technology is Changing RPGs from Obsidian Portal on Vimeo.

The Panel

Micah Wedemeyer (@micahwedemeyer)

Co-Founder, Obsidian Portal
Micah will be talking about the future of online campaign management and what you can expect in the near and far future.

Eddy Webb (@eddyfate)

Senior Developer, Transmedia at CCP
Eddy is an expert on pushing the boundaries when it comes to publishing. He is largely responsible for the variety and breadth of White Wolf titles available on PDF, and he’s got dreams of where to take it in the future. Hear from him how you’ll be getting your games in the years to come.

Brad Talton (@level99games)

Level 99 Games
Brad runs Level 99 Games, the creators of the DM Toolkit, a campaign management app for the iPhone/iPod/iPad. Brad will talk about the fusion of tabletop gaming and mobile devices and how mobile will be changing the way we play and interact with our games.

Mat Morton (@thraxxis)

d20 Pro
Mat is the lead developer on d20 Pro, the virtual tabletop. Mat will be telling us how virtual tabletops will be changing the face of gaming in the future.

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