Haste – Episode 1: Pathfinder Mini’s and More!

[powerpress]Intro: “Mombasa” ~ Hans Zimmer
Outro: “Refused Are F#@&!%g Dead” ~ Refused


A little PSA before the headlines, Obsidian Portal is getting prepped and ready for GenCon this year with our first ever set of seminars and more that’s yet to be revealed! Stay tuned to our Official GenCon 11′ blog post for up to the minute developments of all our GenCon attractions!


Pathfinder “Beginner Box” Coming Soon

Paizo has announced an introductory product for their Pathfinder RPG with the upcoming Pathfinder Beginner Box which should serve as a great introduction to the game. It comes packed with a bunch of good stuff, one of Paizo’s famous flip maps, tokens, books and everything else you need to get started playing their award winning RPG!

DriveThruRPG Contest – Describe your character, win a tablet!

DTRPG is holding a contest to describe your favorite character. The winner gets a tablet PC! There are some pretty famous judges involved in the contest and the contest runs until Friday, June 3rd so hurry up and get your entries in for a chance to win! Imagine having a nice tablet at your gaming table to pass around and have everyone update their stuff on Obsidian Portal!

Paizo Announces Pre-Painted Miniatures

Paizo Publishing has announced an official Pathfinder pre-painted miniatures line in partner with WizKids, (Mage Knight, Hero Clix). The set will be non random and contain miniatures to compliment their upcoming Beginner Box mentioned earlier in the podcast. Micah and I weigh in on miniatures in general, randomization and more!

User Question, Answered!

@BrentNewhall from twitter asks “What one thing can be done with OP that’s very hard to do/impossible without it?

Listen to the podcast to hear our answers! Also, be sure to rate us 5 stars on iTunes and keep tuning in every week for the latest and greatest in the RPG industry. Follow us on Twitter and fan us on Facebook for daily updates and discussion!

On a personal note, please bear with us (Micah & I) as we get through our first steps as podcasters, we are aware there is a slight hiss and some volume leveling issues at times and are working diligently to use a more articulate method for recording. The upcoming episode 2 for next week should sound considerably more professional. Thanks for listening!

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