Haste – Episode 0: Getting Started


Welcome to Haste!

Obsidian Portal is experimenting with running a podcast, and this is our first episode. We call it Haste because we know you are all busy people and don’t have time to listen to a group of podcasters drone on and on. The goal of the show is to get you some of the latest news in the RPG industry and get you on your way.

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The format is as follows:

Headlines – A quick discussion of a few things going on in the RPG industry or blogosphere. We won’t bore you to death, just give you a taste and a link in the show notes.

Listener Question – We’ll take one of your questions and answer it. We love questions about Obsidian Portal specifically, but we like talking about RPGs in general, too.

That’s it! An entire podcast in less time than it takes to get set up for combat.

Send us your ideas!

If you have a question or a tip, tweet it to us, drop a comment, or email Jerry. Tell us what’s going on in the RPG world so we can tell everyone else.


Headlines Summary

Twitter Poll: RP Gender Bending

Jerry and his wife recently joined a new gaming group, where they ran into something that was pretty new to them – a guy RP’ing a female character. Curious as to see just how common or uncommon this might actually be, he ran a poll on Twitter to try and get a feel for just exactly how often people actually did play characters of the opposite sex.

The mixed bag of responses gave us no solid answers but it seemed about 1/3 of people said it was commonplace at their tables, where as another 1/3 of answers said it was rather uncommon. A handful of folks said it was either a 50/50 chance or completely rare and awkward for them. We decided to weigh in with some anecdotal experiences and general advice on the topic. While discussing this, Jerry mentioned an article he’d read earlier in the day that pertained to the topic of treading cautiously when RP’ing the opposite sex, especially in the presence of gamers who’s gender you might be portraying through said role play.

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Jerry has been working with Sersa V and a handful of other dedicated folks for a while now, carving a new niche in the D&D scene called “Fourthcore“. Sersa V, being the father of this 4th edition D&D sub-genre, is heading up their 2 newest projects: the “Fourthcore Armory” supplement and “Saturday Night Delves #2” release entitled “Fane of the Heresiarch.

Fane of the Heresiarch” is the second in the series of Saturday Night Delves – a series of 1 shot dungeon crawls complete with pregenerated characters, maps, handouts, cards and more. The goal of Saturday Night Delves (and the Fourthcore genre as a whole) is to provide a thrilling, evocative, over the top, high risk – high reward experiences within the 4th edtion Dungeons and Dragons rulset. Fourthcore games involve meta elements like puzzle solving and riddles, coupled with devestating tricks, traps and indomitable foes.

The Fourthcore Armory supplement is a book full of extraordinary weapons, items and other rewards DM’s can use to reward PC’s with over the top loot for their courageous efforts and survival within the fourthcore playscape. The cover and item illustrations are all exquisitely drawn by Brian Patterson of d20Monkey. You can pick it up for free this Saturday, May 21st at www.SaveVersusDeath.com.


Ed Healy of the Gamerati has a new project out called Loot! It’s a daily deal similar to Woot! or Groupon – only it’s aimed directly at the hearts and penny pinching wallets of gamers! The premise is pretty simple: Every day, they have a new deal for something gaming related at a massive discount. Discounts only come by once though so be sure to keep your eyes peeled, bookmark the site or sign up for the daily email notifications to make sure you don’t miss out on some awesome gaming deals!

Listener Question

@RichtheFatality asks: “What was your inspiration to start the site and did you expect it to take off as well as it has?”

Listen to the podcast to hear the answer!

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