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Hello Obsidian Portal Community!  My name is Alex, and I am the new Community Manager here at OP.  I have a few announcements and updates to cover with you, so read on:


As of August 19, there is a new operations team at the Portal.  Andrew (andreww38), OP’s  Operations Manager will be taking a more active role in participating in the forums, while  I (alex_redeye) have been named as  your new Community Manager.  

We have been hard at work since coming on to the project behind the scenes, and are very excited to get interacting with all of you fantastic folks that make up this community of ours. We have an official discussion related to this change active on the community forums, and we would love for you to stop in and shed your personal sentiments on this major announcement.  We will have some more news rolling out shortly pertaining to stretch goals from the Kickstarter campaign, bug fixes, and more.  You can expect to find these details on our forums and here on the blog.


The next thing I want to touch base on here is regarding the T-Shirt Contest.  In case you missed it, we have placed an official deadline on the voting for August 31.  This should give everyone enough time to look over the designs and cast their votes before we wrap it all up.  After the deadline we will just need to tally up the votes and will have your winner announced shortly after that.  So jump on over to the blog post and cast your vote if you haven’t already, or pop on over to the official forum topic to discuss things with the community.  Best of luck to all the contestants who are participating!


Finally, there is one more item that I wanted to touch base on with all of you today.  One of the many ways we are working on enhancing the community here is to provide our members with a robust voice.  With that in mind, we are looking into setting up a small council of volunteers from our community to help with a few different facets of the site operations and development.  This will range from beta testing new features, helping to moderate the community forums and support pages, curating user generated content for the purposes of making it more exposed to the community, and helping to manage the Dynamic Sheet Templates that are a staple for all the systems which already have them.  Members who end up being a part of the council will be imparted some benefits to go along with the extra workload they would be volunteering for as well.  We will release a posting shortly on the forums outlining this in greater detail soon!

In closing, we’d like to thank you for your continued support.

Keep on gaming,
OP Community Manager

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