Announcing: The Obsidian Portal Excellence in Innovation Award

Paying It Forward

This year at Gencon we’re going to start a new tradition for Obsidian Portal and its users. We’ve won our fair share of awards and we think it’s only right to dish out some recognition of our own. We’re up to our eyeballs in awesome stuff we dig up weekly for the Haste podcast, and it’s damn hard to not want to individually reach out to all of these people and say “hey, this is awesome!”

That’s why we’re calling upon you to tell us who you think is the very best at revolutionizing the blending of tech and tabletop!

How It Works

You fill out the quick form below telling us exactly who or what it is that you think is innovating tech in RPG’s these days. Just give us a reason why, a weblink and some contact info if you’ve got it and… well that’s it! We’ll be taking your nominations up until July 13th. At which point we’ll be judging our entries and deciding our winner on August 1st. We will be presenting the winner during our “How Technology Is Changing RPG’s” panel at Gencon 2012. The panel time/location details are still pending, but we’ll be sure to update you as the convention approaches.

The winner will take home a fancy schmancy, heavyweight, engraved glass award for their innovation in our glorious industry of role playing games! Winner need not be present to accept the award, however we’d really love it if they would be able to come up and say a few words or speak during our panel. If that’s not the case however, we’ll be sure it gets to them asap.

A Quick Word On Nominations

We’re really focusing on innovation here, and for that reason I think we should provide a little emphasis on what we’re looking for. Examples:

Good: A great new mobile app that’s helped during your gaming sessions

Bad: A new forum for online PbP games.

It’s not that things like PbP forums are a bad idea, it’s just that they’ve been done before. Is there a way someone is revolutionizing PbP games? If that’s the case, then definitely let us know! Also please don’t think that example make you think we’re limiting this to things like apps only. Anyone or anything that is blending the way tech is shaping RPG’s is a candidate – publishers, developers, projects, etc. Lastly you may nominate yourself!

But Wait, There’s More!

We’ll also be highlighting our nominees weekly during the announcements on the Haste podcast during the run up to gencon. Our panel at the con should be similar to last year’s, and this year as an added bonus, we’ll be including 50% more awesome!

Go forth and nominate below!


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