Haste Podcast: D&D Episode! Monte Cook Leaves WotC, 5e Public Playtest, Healing Surge Debacle

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We are working on some very important backend stuff on the website, we haven’t forgotten about adding cool new features or innovating. Lots of behind the scenes stuff is going on, Micah wrote a blog post about it. Check it out! Also, we’ve got a winner for the caption contest!


Monte Cook Leaves WotC

Leaving very little details as to why, Monte Cook recently announced on his blog that he had left the WotC design team for 5th editions D&D. Monte’s post was minimal and devoid of drama, since the rest of the internet is speculating about why – Micah and I set the record straight and tell you all the truth.


D&D 5e Public Playtest – May 24th

Perhaps as an act of subterfuge, our next two topics were also very prevalent topics of discussion a midst the industry this week. Monte didn’t quit guys, look over here! In all seriousness, we’re happy to say that the public playtest for 5e D&D starts on may 24th. We give some helpful tips on being a playtester and providing feedback.


The Healing Surge Debacle

Do healing surges change the entire feel of the game? We think so, and so does everyone on the internet. A recent post by Bruce Cordell explores some ideas. We weigh in on the healing surge debate with our own ideas, what do you think? Let us know!


Tip Corner

Tag your characters with the place they are from, whether it’s a planet, town, country, or whatever. That way, you can quickly filter the character list to find all the characters from a particular place. Very handy when you have tons of characters and the players want to find one person in particular.


Twitter Question

@celestian_gc asks: What do you do when someone invites you to a game you don’t want to play. Friend or fellow player. Running a game I don’t really care for.

Listen to find out!

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