Haste Podcast: Pazio answers questions on Reddit, Roll20 Virtual Table, WotC Transparency

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Paizo to Reddit: “Ask Us Anything!”

Recently, brave, brave Paizo put themselves out there on Reddit to answer questions about Pathfinder. This is nice and very transparent of them, we think everyone in the industry should do stuff like this. Micah and I discuss some of the questions, both the good one and the silly ones.

Roll20 Virtual Tabletop

A new virtual tabletop is making its way into our d20 shaped hearts with ambitions of focusing on the story and good times that go along with roleplaying, not the crunch. Roll20 is currently in kickstarter-phase and is worth checking out. Micah and I discuss the “industry” and some skepticism on these sorts of things, are we dead wrong? Tell us!

Building The Halls of Undermountain

Despite our previous mention of WotC not being very transparent, it does appear they are attempting to change that as of late. A good article on the WotC site explains how a product like The Halls of Undermountain went from a grab bag of minis, tokens, and other goodies – to a simple book and some poster maps. Everyone has to make money in this industry, looks like it’s even tough for WotC sometimes. Be sure to check this one out!

Tip Corner

Use our integration with Pen and Paper games to start recruiting your next player. Edit your campaign to set it toLFP and also give it a location. Then you can look for potential players from the Edit Members screen. Consider yourself to always be recruiting, even if you have no open slots. You never know when a player will suddenly stop coming to sessions, and it’s always good to know that there are other people out there.

Twitter Question

@d20monkey asks: “If you could choose only 1 secondary class (bard, ranger, etc) for dndnext, which would it be?”

Listen to find out!

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