Haste DUNGEON EDITION! With co-host Jeff Quick: Thunderstone Advance, Dungeon Crawl Classics, Legend of Grimrock

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Tonight we’re joined by Jeff Quick of Alderac Entertainment Group, he’s the lead guy for Thunderstone Advance and he’s been in the industry for 15 years now. He’s probably had his hands in at least one game you’ve played in some capacity! Jeff’s computer set up was not cooperating very well, and of course there’s always good old Skype issues so please excuse the roughness of the audio in this episode as I promise Jeff is entertaining qualities are well worth the listen!

There’s also a new comic up so be sure to caption the hell out of it! Also we’re now proud sponsors of the One Page Dungeon Contest, one of the lucky winners will score a year of ascendant time and a bundle of OP schwag!

Thunderstone Advance

AEG has recently put out new rendition (and expansion) of the deck building dungeon crawl game Thunderstone. Thunderstone Advance serves as a great entry point to the game as well as giving a huge overhaul to the mechanics and clarity of the game. Its a really cool game and hey what do you know, Jeff is our guest host!? I talk with Jeff about the game, and he gives some insight and details on upcoming cool stuff for the game. You can also check out my full review of both games if you’d like to as well.

Dungeon Crawl Classics Pre-Order

If you remember a while back we talked about Goodman Games’ Dungeon Crawl Classics when it was still in beta. Well the time has come for the game to get ready for launch, you can nab it up on pre-order on their website for $40 as a hardback. Jeff and I argue back and forth as to whether the game is a retro clone or not, I concede early in the argument. DCC is a unique game with retro trappings but does indeed stand on its own two spike-trap-maimed feet.

The Legend of Grimrock

Yeah, another video game topic. Don’t worry we aren’t turning into a video gaming podcast but Legend of Grimrock is another good exception to the rule. How long has it been since a game encouraged you to use graph paper and map out your explorations as you played? Yeah, this game is in the old school vein of classic dungeon crawlers with some very pretty graphics, hear all about it and grab yourself a copy if you’re so inclined, it’s only 15$.

Tip Corner

Use maps! Everyone likes pictures and doodles, perhaps something you scrawled out last session? Scan it in so the players visual memory can help them recall the session, it may do you better than a whole adventure log sometimes!

Twitter Question

Ralph from Facebook asks: “What board games have you been playing lately and what are some of your favorites?”

Listen to find out!

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