Better Late Than Never!

We know the post is a little bit overdue but we’re getting things back on track here and what better way than to get a big announcement out of the way. There were a ton of great campaigns in 2014 and running this every year it seems to get harder and harder to pick just one campaign to root for!

Winner!Before we get to the big drumroll though I need to let everyone know about some changes to the Campaign of the Year prize. This year, we’re going to be giving our winner a $75 Amazon gift card. Yes it’s a little less bombastic than a trophy filled with dice, but it’s sure as heck going to go alot further and allow the winner to score some awesome gaming schwag!

The Winner Is…

So, let’s get back on track here. There were a ton of great games up for the prize this year, but I’m pleased to announce that with over 40% of the vote, the winner is…Regnum! So be sure to stop by AZ_Rune‘s game and say congrats next time you get a chance!

Stay tuned for the next few campaign of the month for February and March of 2015, they will arrive soon on the blog here! Until then, game on!

Award Winning!

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