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Tonight we deployed a new feature for Ascendant campaigns, the ability to add custom CSS rules that are applied campaign-wide. In addition, we did an overhaul of much of the HTML on the site to make theming much easier. We’ve added divs, standardized some naming, and generally cleaned things up.

However! This means that if you’ve extensively styled and themed your campaign already, you may have some issues and pages may not look exactly right. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we wanted to make sure that anyone embarking on creating a theme for their campaign would start off on the right foot. Some of the old markup was not as clean as it should have been and we decided now was the best time to fix it.

Help! My campaign looks funky! How do I fix it?

If your campaign doesn’t look just right anymore, the best way to fix it is to move your CSS rules out of the pages themselves and into the custom CSS field on the ‘Edit Campaign Settings’ screen. These rules will be applied campaign-wide, making it much easier to style your campaign as a whole. For more information, read the help guide that I put together and browse the forum thread where we discuss the new feature.

We’ll be making a big announcement about the new feature soon, but I just wanted to give warning so people would know how to fix any issues they see.

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