Haste: Gencon! More Pathfinder Minis, Monte Cook’s New Game, and the Dungeon A Day Kickstarter

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ENnie voting has wrapped up so thanks for voting for us if you did, we hope to report back from the winners circle in a few weeks, we’re keeping our fingers crossed! We’ve also got a seminar going on at gencon this year with Matt Morton of d20Pro, Gary Teter of Paizo, and John Ryan Lone Wolf software so be sure to check out all the details and drop on by if you can! Otherwise we’ll be recording it all for you to see afterwards!


New Set of Pathfinder Minis!

This is Paizo’s 2nd big run of monster minis, this time for the Shattered Star adventure path which is due out this gencon. The post up on their site details the entire set, we’re really looking forward to them. What do you guys think about the pathfinder minis?

Monte Cook’s New Game

So after Monte left the D&DNext design team he’s obviously been a pretty busy guy, as he’s recently announced creating a brand new RPG. The “science fantasy” game is said to be easier than 3.5 yet still robust and will not be d20/Pathfinder compatible.

Dungeon A Day Kickstarter

Remember when we talked about DungeonADay.com closing it’s doors? Well this kickstarter is attempting to ressurect this site from the dead by allowing backers to pay for the site’s costs while opening up some opportunities and unique materials for them as well. Listen in as we try and figure out what this is, and what it isn’t.

Tip Corner

We’ve got a new feature – custom CSS! You can find it in your global settings for your campaign, check out some of the cool stuff people are doing with it already.

Twitter Question(s)

@BrianLiBerge asks: How do we find you at #GenCon!?!

@Angille How often do you mix/match your RPG systems? Eg: DnD w/Cortex Plot Points, Fiasco connections, WW nature/demeanor.

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