Haste Podcast: Penny Arcade Switches to Pathfinder, Dungeon A Day, D&D Secrecy.

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Dungeon A Day Closes Down

Recently, some more bad tidings have come to the land of RPG’s. Hate to follow up bad news from last week (HERO), with more bad news this week but there it is. Sounds like Monte Cook handed the site over to Super Genius games back in 2010, but financially it’s not working out so they have to abandon ship. Keep in mind this is just for Dungeon A Day and not Super Genius games entirely. Sit will remain up until at least April of 2012.

Penny Arcade Switches to Pathfinder

So in case you haven’t heard, the guys at Penny Arcade have switched to Pathfinder. Dedicating a series of blog posts, and 7 comics to the topic so this is huge, not only for Paizo but WotC as well. They explain that the game was fun but as it goes on it becomes mechanically dysfunctional and they also found that their players were focusing far too much on the power cards instead of interacting with each other and the world around them.

Premise Concealment and the Overvaluation of Secrecy

Robin Laws gives us a short blog post about the roots of Secrecy in tabletop gaming that of course, tie all the way back to D&D. Micah and I discuss secret doors and more, and does everything in gaming need to be so secret?

Tip Corner

Keep all the XP for the various players on a single wiki page. Every time XP is awarded, update the page. Make sure you track the following:

  • XP for each player
  • The last time the page was updated (ie. ‘this is up-to-date as of Dec 12’)
  • If you’re diligent, it can become the de-facto XP listing. If your players have a discrepancy on their sheet, unless they have a good excuse then what is on the XP page is the law.

Twitter Question

@SupersaijinKyle asks: Do you prefer creating your own world for a game or would you rather take a campaign setting and carve your own niche in it?

Listen to find out!

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