Donner und Sturm

From what we can gather, Donner und Sturm sounds like a hybrid between Cannonball Run, Ben Hur, and the Lord of the Rings. Each entry of the Adventure Log reads like a travel log broken down by daily activities. The Characters tab reveals a world full of interesting people from all over the continent of Aventuria, one of the primary locations for the Das Schwarze Auge (The Dark Eye) table-top RPG system.

The Wiki pages are full of trivia and interesting tidbits about Aventuria, the system of Das Schwarze Auge, and the characters inhabiting this world. Donner und Sturm also has a map of the ‘racetrack’ a 2000 kilometer run through the fantastic wilds of Aventuria. And then there’s the youtube videos! All this campaign is missing is the custom action figures. We had the opportunity to interview Meister about his campaign, and he had some very interesting things to share about it. Lets read on.
Interview with DM Meister
Obsidian Portal: How much of the campaign/system is original content developed by you and your players?

Meister: The “Adventure Log”, the movies (youtube) and some of the Wiki-pages are original created by me and my group. The texts about the cities (Baburin, Fasar) are mostly from www.wiki-aventurica.de, the official DSA-Wiki. I only added some parts and pictures from the internet. The tables, including the system of rules, are from the official “rule-book”, but also amplified by my own ideas.

Obsidian Portal: Your campaign has many youtube videos, can you tell us about those?

Meister: The movies are spoken by myself. They including information about the Quest. The pictures are from the internet, showing mostly the campaign-cover.

Obsidian Portal: Where do you get your inspiration the story?

Meister: There are storybooks in troops, but the most ideas came from movies and series like Lord of the Rings, Merlin, Legend of the Seeker and other fantasy stories. I also often read fantasy books and afterwards I have a new idea for a good quest.

But you get the most ideas while you’re playing the game. And this is why I love to play role-playing-games: As a GM you always have to improvise!

Obsidian Portal: How well do you know your players?

Meister: The players of my two role-playing-groups are my best friends. I know most of them since I began playing this game, more than 15 years ago.

Obsidian Portal: What kinds challenges are you faced with in your campaign?

Meister: The mainquest is a horserace by chariot over 2000 kilometre. Its a big part of the quest to fight against the other chariotdrivers or find some friends by the members. There are some unholy, demonish opponents, who are using there might to manipulate the race – of course, the characters have to stop them. In the end there is a great finish, because the characters (winner of the race) have to resurrect an old hero to fight against one of the most powerful demons in this world.

Obsidian Portal: What aspects of your campaign are you really proud of?

Meister: I think I can be proud of my whole campaign, but especially of the “Wiki”, because I’ve spend much time to create a well-arranged overview about the game.

We’d like to thank Meister and his players for bringing Das Schwarze Auge to our attention through their campaign, and for putting so much effort into their campaign here on Obsidian Portal, a truly international community of gamers. It’s good to know that when the chips are down and someone needs to race an angry demon to save the world, we’ll always have a handful of people ready for the job.

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