Free System Friday: Vox Draconis

Free RPGs! Come and get your red hot Free RPGs! Why hello sir, can I interest you in a bit of Sci-Fi shenanigans? No? How about  an RPG about running a Japanese Bathhouse for Unicorns? Not your cup of tea, eh? Well what about a Rock-Paper-Scissors based game all about Congressional Chefs? Wait! Don’t go just yet, I have it I have just the thing you’re looking for! You want something established, yes? Something that’s been around for at least a decade. And how about a rich fantasy world yes? With dragons? Now what if I told you there were also dinosaurs? Ah ha! I see I have sparked your interest. Very well sir, let me tell you more about Vox Draconis:

Vox Draconis, the game of high adventure in a somewhat confused world of dinosaurs, dragons, monsters, and men. The Basic Rules, this book, contains the basic mechanics for running and playing a game of adventure in the Known Planes. You only need some six-sided dice, a pencil, paper, and this rulebook to begin your adventures. This game is a role-playing game, in which each player creates a character and then, under the supervision of the games master, or referee, they act them out.

Did I mention it’s Free? Well then don’t let me waste any more of your time. Grab some players, grab some dice, get the rules, and play Vox Draconis today!

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