FSF: Old School Hack

Pen, Paper, and Paupers

Oh yes, it’s time for another Free System Friday, I bet you all thought that I’d forgotten. Ha! Cheapskates like me never forget about cool, free games, are you crazy? Today I bring to your attention one of the most unique and innovative games out there and the best part is the whole system is free: Old School Hack!

Old & New School Synergy

Not only does Old School Hack do a great job of capturing the ‘old school’ feel, but it does so with modern design ideas cross pollinated with high focus on fun and simplicity. This is not YARC (Yet Another Retro Clone), as you will find no THAC0 charts here or tables for foliage density, but what you will find is a game you can easily pick up and run on almost zero notice.

Looks Are Deceiving

Old School hack clocks in at 25 pages and less than 3MB, and there are also some great resources out there online such as a nice bestiary, and even a hack of Old School Hack that turns the game into a tabletop Fallout RPG. Though it may not seem like much on the outside, there is a lot you can do with this system. Have a quick read through the rules and you won’t be disappointed.

Do you guys have experience with the system? Looking forward to trying it out? Be sure to let us know in the comments and tell everyone what you think of Old School Hack!

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