Haste Podcast: WotC To Reprint AD&D Books, Cavemaster RPG, The Future of Digital D&D

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Tonight we’re joined by GM Steve Wollet, winner of January’s Campaign of the Month acting as co-host. He gives us some cool tidbits from his game and discusses lots more with us. Also be sure to hit up our Tell Us About Your Character contest, as well as the d20Monkey caption contest! We’re also going to DDXP this week so be sure to tell us what you’d like to see while we’re there!

WotC Reprints AD&D Books For Charity

Yes, this is true. It looks as if the AD&D PHP, MM, and DMG will be reprinted by WotC to benefit the Gygax Memorial fund. With D&DNext approaching WotC is touting 1e playstyle to be possible once again, so perhaps these may serve a bit more than just nostalic purposes? These high quality hardbacks will have limited availability and new artwork so be sure to keep an eye on them if this interests you!

Cavemaster RPG Kickstarter

Cavemaster is an RPG being created by Jeff Dee (ex TSR artist, among many other credits) which is actually an rpg that cave men would have played. It is a Stonepunk style game set in an alternate history and looks very, very cool. Go check it out and be sure to watch the video if you get a chance, lots of cool goodies for backers too!

Recompiling Digital D&D

Matt Dukes (aka @Direflail / Vanir) over at Critical-Hits talks about the next iteration of D&D and how to get the digital tools for the game right this time around. Explains the parallels of modular D&D and the modular software that should accompany it. Bringing suggestions of new platforms to build upon in order to insure that all types of devices and OS’s are able to access and use the content, and to allow the community to interface more directly this time around.

Tip Corner

Don’t just use OP (and especially the campaign forum) just for in-game stuff, use it for campaign meta-game discussion, talk about what you can do to make your game more fun. Heck use it to help decide what food to order, remember OP is here to make your game better in any way we possibly can!

Twitter Question

@DelayedSession asks: tokens vs. plastic miniatures?

Listen to find out!

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