Tell Us About Your Character Contest!

No Really, Tell Us!

We all love to tell stories about our characters, don’t’ we? Too bad no one ever really likes to hear them though, and while this is true most of the time – this is not one of those times! In partnership with AwesomeDice we are running a contest where two lucky winners will win a set of dice of their choice and a very exclusive Obsidian Portal  dice bag! Want in? Listen up and we’ll tell you how.

Artwork: Kyle Ferrin, www.xp.omnivangelist.net

In the comments below, give us your character’s name, class/type, and a one sentence description OR a one-liner from your character themself. We’re aware not all RPG’s have strict classes, and that’s fine, just give us the gist of what he / she / it does.

You’ll also need to tell us which set of dice from AwesomeDice.com you’d like to win (Q-Workshop dice excluded) that compliments your character the best. Micah and I will be judging the entries based on overall ‘cool factor’ and synergy with the dice you’ve selected.

Prizes & Limitations

Seriously Awesome Dice

Each of the two winners will recieve a single set of dice they selected from AwesomeDice to go with their character: either a standard 7 die, 10d10, 12d6 or 36d6 set excluding Q-Workshop dice. You’ll also be winning one very rare and exclusive Obsidian Portal Dragonchow dice bag.

Remember the dice you pick should display synergy between your character and the dice themselves and that your character description should be no longer than one sentence, OR a one-liner! Unable to follow these simple directions will result in your entry being discarded, please do not write us a novella, we will not have the time to read it.

Based on these synergies and how awesome Micah and I think your character is, we’ll select 2 winners on February 1st. Good luck, and we can’t wait to hear about your characters! No, really!

A Rare Artifact!


Please feel free to copy and paste this into your comment below and fill it out accordingly. Also please be sure to either leave the name of the die set that you want, or a direct URL from Awesomdice.com:


After much hard deliberation, the winners are: Shank, and Miner!

Award Winning!

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