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Our character contest has just wrapped up, congrats to our winning characters Shank and Miner! We’ve also got a fresh d20Monkey caption contest up, so go check it out!

Story Forge Kickstarter

There’s a really cool kickstarter up for a writers utility called Story Forge, they basically appear to work like Tarot cards for writers. These could be used by DM’s, novelists, or basically writers of any kind. 25$ is the entry level to score a deck if the kickstarter succeeds. Micah and I discuss!

ENWorld Presents

Short weekly casts are all the rage! ENWorld is bringing you RPG news in about 5 minutes or less in video format with host Matt James. Micah and I discuss and hope for more episodes in the near future.

Iron Kingdoms RPG News!

Privateer press has finally given us some more tasty tidbits about the upcoming Iron Kingdoms RPG on their blog. They discuss the feel of the game mechanics as well as outline the first 3 books coming down the pipe. The rules are very familiar to hordes/warmachines so far, good thing or bad?

Tip Corner

Don’t just use OP to track games you’ve already started, there’s a reason why campaigns have the “In planning” option. Use it to organize your thoughts on your game and collaborate with your players before you ever even sit down to roll dice or make characters!

Twitter Question

@SaveVersusDeath asks: What do you feel the role of bloggers and podcasters is/should be in this transition period for D&D?

Listen to find out!

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