New Feature: Wind back the clock on your campaign

Have you ever had a player edit a page and you’re not sure what they changed? Or, you moved one little thing around and suddenly all your pretty formatting is gone. Unfortunately, you just cannot remember what you changed! So, you spend hours trying to get back to the pristine page you had before you clicked the save button. If only there were a way to wind back the clock to before!

With our new version compare feature, it’s no longer a big deal! Now, whenever you save a wiki page, adventure log post, character, or item, the old version of the page is automatically stored away. You can easily view and revert to a previous version and everything is right with the world again. It’s pretty much like having a rewind button for your campaign pages.

As an added bonus, we’ve also made it easy to compare two versions and see what has changed. So, if you get a notification that a player has edited one of your wiki pages, you can do a quick comparison and instantly see what has changed. You no longer need fear that your players will sneak around and secretly edit things behind your back. Any such malfeasance is pretty much impossible now.

To use the new feature, just look for the sidebar like the one shown below. It will show the most recent versions, when they were made, and who the author was. You can click the link to view the version, or select two versions with the checkboxes and click compare.


Give it a whirl and tell us what you think!

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