Haste Podcast w/ Guest Host Jeff Dee: Sex at the Gaming Table, Dragon Age Set 3, School Daze

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We’re joined to night by game designer and artist Jeff Dee. He’s got lots going on between  Cavemaster, Villains & Vigilantes, and recreating his lost TSR artwork. Jeff introduces himself and talks a bit about what he’s got going on, and before we jump into topics I urge you to check out this month’s d20Monkey caption contest while you still can!

Sex at the Gaming Table

Nevermet Press had a blog post up recently about sex at your gaming table and the awkwardness it may bring, Jeff and I discuss our experiences and would love to hear yours as well.

Dragon Age Set 3 Open Playtest

Looks like Green Ronin has started open playtesting their upcoming Dragon Age set 3, fans of the AGE system should eat this up! Includes lots of stuff like higher levels, new talents, specializations, spells, and monsters. The Dragon Age RPG has really gotten quite a following, if you’ve not had a chance to check it out, perhaps now is the time?

School Daze Kickstarter

Did high school suck? Did it need more pizazz like it always has in the movies, was it also lacking zombies, aliens, and/or vampires? A really cool school based RPG has recently launched (and, as of now been funded) on Kickstarter. School Daze is a narrative driven, mechanics light RPG by Tracy Barnett (a school teacher himself) that allows you to live out high school the way it should have been: awesome. Buffy the Vampire slayer, The Breakfast Club, The Faculty and basically anything else you can imagine can be pulled off easily with School Daze.

Be sure to check out the video, and the comic d20Monkey did about the game while you’re at it. If the next funding level is reached, backers are going to get custom dice by Chessex & dice bags by Dragon Chow Dice Bags!

Tip Corner

Use our forums! We’ve got a ton of great people in our community that are always willing to give advice and tips for your game, or help out if you have any gaming related questions, wiki questions, and a lot more!

Twitter Question

@OnlineDM1 asks: What advice do you have for GMs who will be running games at a convention for the first time?

Listen to find out!

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