Haste Podcast: Monster Stand Ins, Kickstarter Wisdom from Daniel Solis, and Are FLGS Deaths Self-Inflicted?

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Our character and comic contests just wrapped up, winners will be announced shortly, and be sure to check out Legacy of the Realms – February’s Campaign of the Month! Also, Kobold Quarterly is giving away a free issue so go and snatch it up before you wind up broken hearted (offer ends Feb 14th).

Monster Stand Ins

Like minis but not into how expensive/random they are? Check out Monster Stand Ins, a huge assortment of plastic stand ups for use in your games. You also get a printable PDF of the stand ups so you can print your own as well. Need 50 kobolds? No problem! This kickstarter is going to end shortly so if you’d like to get in on the awesomeness you better act fast! Update: The stand ins have been cancelled but there is a new project that is just as good!

A Lesson In Kickstarter

Speaking of Kickstarter, Daniel Solis (Writers Dice, Do: Pilgrims of the flying temple) has a great post up on his blog about some of the financial ins and outs of funding kickstarter projects. There’s also some good wisdom in the comments as well, definitely worth checking out for any of you entrepreneurs out there!

FLGS Deaths Self Inflicted?

Stargazers world has a post up about FLGS’s closing down, is it always the economy? Poor customer service and downright unprofessional staff seem to plague some game shops. Micah and I discuss how this may be true, but there is also a much bigger picture affecting local game shops (and other niche businesses) these days aside from just poor customer service.

Tip Corner

Got a new player coming? Update your campaign homepage with a basic runthrough of your campaign. Don’t expect them to read each and every adventure log and wiki page, but maybe they’ll read the basics of the campaign.

Twitter Question

@Toperatl asks: Tips to get players re-engaged with a long running campaign?

Listen to find out!

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