DDXP Is Coming

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Road Trip!

The biggest DDXP yet is coming in just about a week, and Obsidian Portal will be there to cover it all! Well, we’ll be there covering whatever we’re allowed to being as that there will be NDA’s involved, but rest assured we will try and get you as much juicy info on the next iteration of Dungeons & Dragons as possible.

This is also going to be the last DDXP hosted as a seperate event, as after 2012 it will become part of Gencon. So we’re going to make it count! We’ll have some bits of schwag to give away so come find Jerry if you’d like an Obsidian Portal sticker, flyers, or probably a few T-shirts to give away too!

Keeping You Plugged In

There will be a series of seminars relating to game design and what is coming up for D&D, we will be there to cover them all and update you live as we go (if allowed of course). Unfortunately we may miss out on one of the seminars due to travel time and miscellaneous issues getting in the way, which may mean not being able to fully absorb Day 1 of the convention.

Last year, we asked you which seminar you wanted to see, this year we’re going to attempt to try and cover as many as we can. What we really want to know is, what else do you guys want to see most from the show? More of our expeditious interviews like we did at Gencon last year? A “Live from DDXP” episode of Haste? Photos from around the convention? Something else we’re not thinking of? You have one week to let us know before we depart for our journey on January 26th!

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