Liveblogging at DDXP: you pick the seminar

The Dungeons and Dragons Experience is right around the corner, and although I’ll be there to get in on all the exciting new announcements, products and seminars to provide you all with a post show wrap up, I’d like to do something a little more than that. If there is interest enough, I’d like to take it a step further and add some moment-by-moment excitement for those of you unable to attend, by live blogging one of the panels.

The list of scheduled seminars for DDXP is fairly descriptive, so be sure to take a look before you vote. The expo takes place in a little less than two weeks, however I won’t be there on Thursday so I’ve only included seminars from Friday onward in the poll.

It’s simple, just vote (top right side of the page) on which seminar you’d like me to blog as its happening minute by minute and whichever receives the most votes is the one I will wholly attend and post updates about, as fast as my fingers can type onto my dinky little netbook keyboard.

All you’ll have to do is tune in right here to the blog and spam your refresh button! I’ll also be providing pics of anything cool and/or notable during the show, so stay tuned to the Obsidian Portal twitter feed too!

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