Haste Podcast: D&D 5e Announcement, Atomic Robo RPG, Pathfinder Battles!

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Tonight we are joined by Dave “The Game” Chalker, editor-in-chief of Critical Hits.com and freelancer of many, many facets. Dave has been doing some work on the Marvel heroes RPG with Margaret Weis Productions recently, among many other things including writing DDI articles and being one of the first to play test the next form of D&D. We’ve also got a fresh Caption Contest and Campaign of the Month, so be sure to check them out!

New Dungeons & Dragons Announced

After much speculation and rumor, the next iteration of D&D has finally been formally announced as being in development. Wizards is committing to taking a lot of play test feedback with this next edition as well as touting modularity and a version of D&D for those who love all editions of the game. Dave and I discuss what this means for the industry, and ourselves personally, among many other things.

Evil Hat Announces Atomic Robo RPG

A recent announcement by Evil Hat has got the internet all abuzz with joy regarding the Atomic Robo RPG. Based on an indie press comic about a robot built by Tesla himself, the game is sure to be a hit. If the awards for Dresden Files don’t speak enough for themselves, the people at Evil Hat know how to do a license and the game’s atmosphere will lend well to the FATE system they are so notorious for. Scheduled release is looking like 2013.

Pathfinder Battles Launches!

Another way for all of us to get our plastic crack has finally come to fruition, January 11th marks the launch of Pathfinder Battles. Mini’s come in a variety of packages including the most recently announced single pack. Dave and I discuss mini’s for a bit and remark on the extremely high quality Wizkids and Paizo are putting out here.

Tip Corner

Do you write really long adventure logs like me but you don’t want them clogging up your adventure log page? Use the <!–more–> tag on your posts to allow people to click to read the rest and keep your front page nice and tidy!

Twitter Question

@RJonesEsquire asks: What is the most controversial sacred cow WOTC SHOULD get rid of going into #dndnext?

Listen to find out!

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