Haste 57 with Eric from GamersTable: IKRPG Release Date Move, 13th Age Expansion, Travelling DM Goodies

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Tonight we’re joined by Eric Ausley from the GamersTable podcast, check them out at gamerstable.com a roundtable topical podcast on all things gaming. You can also follow them on twitter: @GamersTable. Our d20Monkey caption contest for August is over, congrats to our winner Robert!


Iron Kingdoms Release Date Moves Up!

Sounds like Gencon was a good time for the folks at Privateer Press this year, as it has resulted in them bumping up the release date for the Iron Kingdoms RPG! We know we’re a little nuts for IKRPG, but that’s okay – you will be too soon enough. (We also briefly mentioned Level 7 Escape, which will be OP’s Board Game Corner feature this month, you can check out our unboxing of it here.)

13th Age Expansion Kickstarter

There’s an expansion in the works for 13th Age called “13 True Ways”, the ever-emerging RPG by Jonathan Tweet & Rob Heinsoo. This expansion is full of new stuff for both players and GM’s meant to really show off what the system is capable of. We’re definitely interested.

Stuff For The Travelling DM

An article over at Stargazer’s World pointed us toward this cool little device that should be useful to any of us who use technology at our tables – a bluetooth audio cube by Verbatim. Looks like it has multiple options for powering it and playing music through it, personally I (Jerry) want to buy one immediately.

Tip Corner

I’ve got a non-OP tip for you this evening because I felt the need to share some recently acquired wisdom. When starting a new campaign, try and come up with a story arc that has an end. Yeah. If you’re like me and you just imagine the campaign lasting years and years and no one ever getting bored you’re probably wrong. A 3 act story structure will help your game prep immensely.

Twitter Question(s)

Last week we took a little twitter survey, I’m going to relay some of the best responses we got instead of a question tonight. Our question was “We want to know: what is the absolute dumbest thing you’ve seen a GM or player do in-game?

  • A couple breaking up during a gaming session in front of everyone.
  • A GM instructing his group to take a short break, and then disappearing.
  • A GM trying to “create drama” by jumping up on his chair, breaking it, and slamming face first into the table sending minis flying everywhere.

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